Sunsets really do it for me. That is, they give me that great feeling of relaxing and having fun on a wonderful vacation. If I just look at one of these paintings, I feel like I'm on vacation. Click on Photo for more info...


Sunsets Collection

Beach Huts Last Beams bango
Beach huts
Last Beams
Bango Bango
Beach Huts II
Red Sunset
Cal. Sunset
Paroba Beach Pier
Parabo Beach cart
Pier at Sunset
Brilliant Sunset palm sunset horse sunset
Brilliant Sunset
Palm Sunset
Horse Sunset
ruby beach
Ruby Beach
Water Sunset
At Sea
surfer guy small sunset
Surfer Guy
pink Sunset
Colorful Sunset








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Ladies of the Evening

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Original art work by artist. This high quality painting was created in 3D space using 3D modeling applications, with post production work done in various photo
editing applications, and is hand painted using astylus and graphics tablet. The painting is high quality and printed with archival ink on canvas. The finished work
is on stretched canvas, ready for hanging.