My husband and I have published a science fiction magazine (Continuum Science Fiction) and I became interested in creating cover images. 3D modeling really lends itself to scifi art. Also, I can allow myself to get carried away with weirdness and other worldliness.

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection

alien temple Callisto valles marineris
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Europa Alien hills Mars from Phobos
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landing Io hot planet2
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Io more info
Hot Planet more info
50 ft girl triton girl Mars from Phobos
100 ft Woman more info
Triton more info
Mars from Phobos more info
saucer hot planet Marsport
Saucer World more info
Hot Planet2 more info
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Ladies of the Evening

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Original art work by artist. This high quality painting was created in 3D space using 3D modeling applications, with post production work done in various photo
editing applications, and is hand painted using astylus and graphics tablet. The painting is high quality and printed with archival ink on canvas. The finished work
is on stretched canvas, ready for hanging.